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Privacy Policy for the Users of Our Browser Extensions and Apps

freepaper maintains several browser extensions and apps available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other browsers running on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android platforms. We don’t distribute these extensions and apps directly. Users can install these items from the official stores managed by respective browser vendors.  This confirms that our products meet the quality guidelines and other policies imposed by the browser vendors.

We are proud to inform that none of our extensions or apps tracks users’ browsing activities or other personal information. We don’t use any analytics service or other similar tools to measure user interactions, item usage etc. We neither collect any kind of personal or otherwise information from the installation of our items. Privacy of our users is our top priority.

Some of our extensions and apps connect to third-party services. We don’t control such third-party websites, and these websites handle requests according to their own user privacy policies.

Some of our extensions and apps ask for certain permissions on installation. Such permissions are required for proper working of that particular extension or app. BrowserNative promises to always respect the privacy of our users. We would never trick or track users. We never promote or advertise any third-party product through our extensions and apps. We follow and comply with all policies of Chrome Web Store, Mozilla AMO and other stores.

If you have any query or feedback related to our privacy policies, feel free to write us at You can follow us on Twitter (@freepaperme).

Currently, all of our extensions and apps are free to install and use. We have plans for paid extensions and apps at least for the Google Chrome browser. In that case, the payment process would be handled by Google, which ensures proper security and comfort for the users. This would support our development.


If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, you should contact us at

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